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A niche player in a unique position between the North and the South

As a creative Flemish cooperation partner we strive for a sustainable world with equal opportunities. Within the broad framework of poverty reduction we contribute to improving the quality of education and training in developing countries. Furthermore, by making a bridge to the South, we increase the public support in Flanders for more solidarity in our society.


Learning together... Moving forward!

Through strategic partnerships we work result-oriented from the meso level on:

  • Sustainable solutions for issues in education and training within the framework of local policy plans in developing countries
  • A stronger solidarity between Flanders and developing countries

To achieve this, we support programmes for local capacity development via a balanced offer of resources, services, networking and exchange.

Partner Countries

VVOB is mostly concentrated in Africa and the least developed countries, corresponding to the Belgian national politics.

VVOB cooperates with nine countries in three continents:


  • DR Congo
  • Rwanda
  • South Africa
  • Zambia
  • Zimbabwe

South America:

  • Ecuador
  • Suriname


  • Cambodia
  • Vietnam

A bridge between the hemispheres

As a unique organisation with establishment in Flanders and operations in the South, we are able to bridge the North and the South for various projects and initiatives. Among others, we offer internships in our programmes in the South and schools in Flanders and in our partner developing countries can engage with one another by means of VVOB’s programme SchoolLinks (Escuelas de Hermandad).

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